Located next to the Santa Anita Racetracks The Derby Restaurant has showcased a historic collection of horse racing memorabilia that dates back to the days of Seabiscuit and legendary jockey George "The Iceman" Woolf, the restaurant's initial owner. My father Murph Sturniolo purchased The Derby Restaurant in 1951 from George Woolf's widow and I continued full operation of the successful business for over 40 years. Having a world class collection of horse racing memorabilia on display at our fine dining dinner house has proven to be a key element in generating constant traffic from tourists and local patrons. My family's collection of over 300 pieces of museum quality memorabilia includes many one of a kind items that are true gems within horse racing history.

Looking into the future my wife and I envision relocating our historic collection showcased within a newly branded fine dining restaurant located next to a renowned horse racing track in the United States. As you could imagine this newly developed restaurant would become an overnight landmark. Aside from selling the collection in its' entirety to a museum or private collector we are now officially open to proposals from potential business associates looking to partner in our unique vision of a horse racing themed restaurant.